Wyndham Values

At Wyndham, we have eleven school values that we live and breathe by. These eleven important values teach us how to live our lives as GREAT citizens and we learn about a different value each month of the school year.

We have a values assembly together every Monday, where we explore what each monthly value means and what it looks like in action at school, home and in our wider community. We celebrate inspirational people who have displayed these values within and beyond our school community. We also enjoy a moment of collective worship together at the end of our assembly to reflect on how we will demonstrate these values ourselves. At the end of each month, we use our Personal Development Portfolios to capture and celebrate how we have embedded the monthly value into our own lives, and reflect on our next steps to demonstrating them further over the next year.

When we have demonstrated our Wyndham Values in our school and wider community, we are awarded with special values stickers which are displayed and celebrated inside our Personal Development Portfolios.