Principal’s Welcome

Each and every one of you belongs to a unique academy; Wyndham Spencer Academy. Together, we have a great responsibility to ensure that our collective contributions and responsibilities all add up to make a lifechanging difference to the children, families, and community that we serve.

Together, we have the ability to change present and future lives, inspire the minds of children so they know how to think independently and creatively, solve problems, communicate effectively and collaborate skilfully. We want all of our children to leave us with exceptional knowledge, skills and outcomes that enables them to have a career which enables social mobility and ignites a life-long love of learning.

At Wyndham, we must all be driven to provide educational excellence for all our children; this is done through a purposeful and positive culture of excellence, ambition and innovation. Our culture sets us apart from other schools and gives us our identity for how we think, behave, live and breathe.

We all come to our academy each day to make a difference for our children, and care implicitly for them all.

Grab an oar and jump aboard the Wyndham Ship, and as one team, let’s head out on a truly great voyage, creating a world of endless possibilities.

Mrs K. Whiting



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