Schools are charged with maintaining a safe, supportive environment which protects the rights and needs of children at all times. School staff have regular contact with children and young people, and a responsibility to help to identify signs of children in need of additional support or protection accordingly.

Together, these responsibilities are called safeguarding.

At Wyndham Spencer Academy, the safety and welfare of our children is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise our safeguarding responsibilities to include:

  • creating a safe environment for children and young people through robust safeguarding practices;
  • ensuring that adults who work in school, including volunteers, are able to work with children safely, and are properly trained and equipped to do so;
  • teaching children and young people to stay safe; and
  • maintaining an environment in which children feel confident to approach any member of staff if they have a worry or problem.


As part of our safeguarding delivery, Wyndham Spencer Academy follows the procedures set out by the Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board in the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Procedures ( and take account of guidance issued by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (in particular Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education 2007).

Links to safeguarding resources used in school can be found here.


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Whiting

Mr Holden

Mrs Hemmings

Mrs Whiting and Mr Holden are also the Designated Teachers for Looked After Children.

If you have any safeguarding concerns please see any of safeguarding team around school or ask the office for an appointment.

Mrs Churchward, Miss Brooker and Miss Syson are our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads.

Mrs Churchward

Miss Brooker

Miss Syson

In our school we value each child as a unique individual.

We will strive to meet the needs of all our children and seek to ensure that we meet all statutory requirements related to matters of inclusion.