PSHE at Wyndham provides children with core knowledge, personal skills and moral values that enable them to live happily, safely and successfully within their communities. We deliver our PSHE curriculum through SCARF, a comprehensive, progressive and accessible scheme of learning for all children to learn more about themselves, others and the wider world they live in. They have a strong sense of self-worth and fully understand the characteristics of positive relationships. Because of this, they are able to build and maintain strong and meaningful connections with others. Through a rich and broad range of opportunities to learn about our diverse society in the U.K, children appreciate what it means to be responsible, rights respecting citizens. They are given time to discuss, debate and tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up and they positively make a difference on a local and global scale through regular acts of citizenship. Because children are taught about the direct link between a healthy lifestyle and wider positive life outcomes, they are independent in managing their own health and wellbeing and strive to be holistically healthy. Keeping safe is the golden thread that weaves through every aspect of our PSHE curriculum so that every child feels confident and competent in managing risks, hazards and dangers, both offline and online.

What children acquire personally through PSHE here at Wyndham is transferrable into all of their life stages so that ultimately, our core purpose can be achieved. Together, we can create a world of endless possibilities.​