At Wyndham, our whole-class approach to teaching mathematics is underpinned by the belief that by working hard, all children can succeed. The essence of Mathematics Teaching for Mastery is that it rejects the idea that a large proportion of children ‘just can’t do maths’. 

Ultimately, we want all of our children to: 

  • acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of mathematics;


How do we achieve this? By moving children through the curriculum content at broadly the same pace, making certain that every child masters each mathematical concept securely before we move on. By giving children time to think deeply about the maths and really understand concepts at a relational level rather than as a set of rules.

  • whilst being continually challenged in their thinking;


How do we achieve this? By differentiating through ‘depth’ rather than acceleration: allowing children who grasp concepts quickly the opportunity to experience rich and sophisticated problems within the topic whilst providing additional support for children who are not sufficiently fluent so that they are able to consolidate their understanding before they move on.

  • feel confident, resilient, tenacious and thoughtful about their mathematical learning;


How do we achieve this? By adopting strategies to ensure all children access the entire mathematics curriculum. By promoting multiple approaches to solve a given problem. By praising children for the process they engaged in rather than for their intelligence.

  • and in turn, feel adequately prepared for life beyond primary. 


How do we achieve this? By spending significant time developing deep knowledge of the key ideas and skills that are needed to underpin future learning. By making explicit the importance of this mathematical knowledge and skill set in succeeding in the real world.