Developing Thinking Skills at Wyndham Spencer Academy

Thinking Technicians are a group of children that help to give a child's view of the school and tell the adults what things they like and the things that we could improve. They help the school to reflect on thinking skills at Wyndham and what opportunities there are to help children to improve their skills in this. Children carry out an initial SEE, HEAR, FEEL audit. Children go round the school in pairs and share their overview of findings with SLT and produce their own school development plan. Previously, children spoke of a 'buzz of excitement', 'collaboration' and 'quality communication' between children and their peers and adults. They have even discussed next steps in the plan in training children at other Spencer Academies Trust schools where they in turn carrying out a SEE, HEAR and FEEL.

This is an example of a word cloud created below to illustrate their findings at Wyndham and this has been shared with other schools to create their own.

During this time the children recorded single words under the acronym CRAFT which is based on Howard Gardner's 'Multiple Intelligence Theory'. Their thoughts are recorded below and sum up very well the principles of school and the ethos they experienced as they conducted their research.

  • Creativity, Concentration, Caring
  • Respect, Relaxation
  • Apathy, Active, Able to make mistakes, Appreciation
  • Fun, Friendship
  • Together, Teamwork, Trust


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