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The curriculum at Wyndham is broad, balanced and creative; it does not stop in the classroom and reinforces our GREAT​ expectations and core purpose for pupils to achieve their personal greatness. We want our children to develop into confident, aspiring and determined individuals and our creative curriculum and enriching experiences play an instrumental role in this. Rooted in our high expectations, the curriculum is underpinned by opportunities for pupils to frequently develop their English and Maths skills across the curriculum in order to not only become active citizens of the future but also innovative and self-assured leaders.

At the heart of our curriculum is the class text which is changed half termly. Each child is given their own copy of the book which they are able to keep and share with adults at home. The class book, specifically chosen for the content to broaden children’s experiences, vocabulary and knowledge, is used as a hook in all learning experiences across the curriculum. This ensures that children are able to make meaningful links and have a purpose for their learning. 

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Enrich, Inspire, Empower

Lessons are carefully planned to meet the individual needs of all learners and aim to enrich, inspire, empower. They strive to stimulate awe and wonder with pupils in order to develop a love of learning and a range of experiences to enhance children's knowledge of the world. ICT is often used to enhance teaching and learning and make it purposeful. For example, the 4D room to bring learning to life or the radio station to record work for a real-life audience.

Through our creative curriculum, we strive to enable the children in our school to develop into independent, resilient learners who:

  • Read, write, calculate and solve problems with confidence, fluency and understanding
  • Reason with their ideas and can explain their thinking coherently
  • Use a range of strategies to self-correct both collaboratively and independently
  • Enjoy learning and understand its importance beyond the classroom; they become life-long learners
  • Can use their vivid imaginations
  • Are curious and can explore, sustain and develop ideas through talk
  • Participate in conversations: making appropriate contributions building on the suggestions and responses of others
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