Core Purpose

Working Together to Achieve Personal Greatness.


We believe we are a  school

Each letter of the word  represents one of our expectations. It is part of our learning culture and we celebrate every  step on the way to success.

 ……… Good to talk, even better to listen

Communication skills are a life skill which we embed in all areas of the curriculum. We develop and share ideas and listen to each other. We listen to all stakeholders to ensure that we are providing the best for the children of Wyndham. In learning time and social time, the art of communicating effectively is of the upmost importance. We encourage all our pupils to ask questions to become independent learners.

 ……... Respect myself, others and the community

We respect every individual that works and learns at Wyndham. A culture of respect for the environment and people in it is always praised. Every opportunity is taken to bring visitors into school and for our learning to support the community locally. We learn collaboratively and share ideas as we work.

 ……... Enjoy and achieve safely

Our school days should be filled with joy, excitement and fun. We must ensure that we promote an environment of mutual respect and of humour. A safe environment that stimulates and excites, a school where we are confident to smile ahead of our challenges, a school confident enough to laugh together, a school that our community is proud to call its own.

 ……... Able to make mistakes and learn from them

We believe that new learning takes place when challenges are presented. We tackle these positively and recognise that making a mistake is part of the learning process. We aim to challenge each individual and support them in their own learning journey.

 ……... Together we aim high

Learning begins with the confidence that you can! It is our responsibility to ensure that every child at Wyndham believes they have the ability to learn and the self assurance to solve problems and overcome difficulties. Together we must inspire and enthral, so that children develop a desire to learn that is borne out of the magic of discovery. Learning must be relevant so that children see a reason for new skills and knowledge and can celebrate the feeling of achievement gained from the new doors they can open and be proud of a job well done.

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