At Wyndham, our children learn to be historians through a curriculum that builds progressively from Foundation Stage through to Year 6. We teach our children to become historians by explicitly teaching children historical skills – they are able to construct their ideas about the past through looking at sources, identifying continuities and changes, comparing periods of time and evaluating impact. 

Children’s knowledge and understanding of the past is constructed through exploring a number of key concepts such as diet, housing, religion and war throughout the ages and civilisations. Our chronological approach to teaching history allows children to understand how the world has changed over time and make comparisons between the different civilisations, helping them gain an understanding of how our world has developed to what it is today. 

Our children leave Wyndham with a love of history allowing them to be successful in further education. They depart with a secure knowledge of world and British chronology, the ability to compare the past with life today and understand how previous civilisations have affected the modern world.