At Wyndham, we teach our children to be geographers through our ambitious and creative geography curriculum. Through collaborative learning, children are given the opportunity to be curious and WONDER about the world around them as well as the impact we have upon it, preparing them to be considerate and caring citizens. 

Children develop their British Values and Wyndham Values as they compare and contrast places and cultures that are similar and different to those we are familiar with. Wyndham geographers have their horizons broadened through fieldwork projects that develop life skills such as generating enquiry questions, conducting observations and working with maps to solve real life problems and reason about them. These projects support children in understanding our local area and suggest improvements to support and develop our community. 

Our Wyndham children access a cross-curricular offer as the continental focus for each year group links to the location and area of the history curriculum. Children develop an appreciation of the world around us and our impact upon it, respect for the lives of others around the world and aspire to make changes to make the world a better place.