Design & Technology

Design and Technology is an innovative and inspirational subject that develops children’s life skills and raises aspirations. Our WONDER Curriculum encourages children to work collaboratively and draw on their own personal creativity and curiosity to research, design, make and evaluate products to solve real life, contextual problems. 

Through bespoke projects, our children use a variety of exploration and research methods to consider existing products and how they work, how influential creators have changed the world and to assess the needs of the user to ensure their creation is fit for purpose. High quality skills are explicitly modelled and taught so that children are equipped with the techniques needed to create a functioning and effective product. Throughout the design process, our children reflect upon and evaluate their own products so they can make adaptations where necessary. Our children are able to make links with and draw upon knowledge from other areas of our curriculum, such as science, maths and computing. 

Links with local businesses also enable our children to see how our iterative and progressive curriculum provides them with the opportunity to develop and apply their growing set of skills and knowledge to a range of career opportunities and ultimately prepare them for life after Wyndham.