British Values

Promoting British Values at Wyndham

The Department for Education sets out the responsibility of schools to “rigorously promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

At Wyndham, we teach, demonstrate and celebrate British values in all year groups so that children understand how to be responsible, active citizens within their communities and wider society. There are clear, deliberate and progressive links to all of the British values within our WONDER curriculum subjects and through wider opportunities like assemblies, trips and experiences and citizenship projects.

Pupil voice is a key mechanism that we utilise to empower children to have an active role within our school community. They are listened to by all adults and know that they are the heart of every decision made. We have a pupil leadership system in place which includes our school Prime Minister and key pupil leadership groups who are elected democratically each year. They play a huge role in the decisions and actions that influence the everyday running of our school. All children are encouraged to actively make a difference within our school community through regular fundraising events for our annual school charity which is elected by the children.

Children are taught to how to listen and respond carefully and respectfully to each other. Carefully planned opportunities for children to practise their oracy skills are woven within our curriculum and key pillars of the day, for example, the use of our discussion cards after Newsround. This enables children to continue to develop and share their own views on current issues and affairs, whilst still maintaining respect for the views of others who may see the world differently to themselves. The explicit teaching of restorative practises and relationship skills within our SEL curriculum enables children to manage these interactions successfully.

Our school environment promotes and illustrates diversity, creating a safe and happy place for children to learn about the differences amongst themselves and others in the wider world. The uniqueness that exists within out school community is respected and celebrated, and children are enriched through experiences that further develops their understanding of diversity within Great Britain. This includes trips to a range of places of worship throughout their time at Wyndham.

Children are regularly encouraged to reflect around how they have demonstrated British values within their Personal Development Portfolios, the impact this had and what life in the U.K would be like without these core values.