Breakfast Club & WASP

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will start at 7:30am for children in FS2 to Year 6. We recognise that many of our parents and carers depend on this provision in order to go to work, college or university, and we want to support our families to achieve their personal greatness too.

There is always a selection of healthy breakfast foods available for your child, setting them up for a great start to the day. Our breakfast club team also have a variety of games, books, and fun activities for your child to enjoy with their friends and our staff.

Please reserve a place at breakfast club using the online booking system, Teachers2Parents. You will also be able to pay online too.

Breakfast Club balance should be paid at the point of booking the place. Miss Ryan will be more than happy to meet you to talk about your personal situation if you are finding the payments difficult.

Please also note that you are not able to request that your child is added to the Breakfast Club for the morning via Dojo, a message to the teacher, or by simply bringing them in. This is to ensure we have an excellent adult to child ratio. All bookings must be completed via the Teachers2Parents page.


WASP (Wyndham After-School Provision)

Wyndham After School Provision (WASP) starts at 3:15pm, and closes at 5:30pm for children in FS2 to Year 6. There is a wide selection of games and activities available, including yoga, dance, homework station, and outdoor play. We also provide a healthy snack and refreshments.

For your child to access our WASP provision, you will need to book their place in advance, using the online booking system, Teachers2Parents.

To maintain high levels of health and safety, it is not possible to request that your child is added to the WASP register on the day via Dojo, a message to the teacher, or by simply not collecting them from school. All bookings must be made in advance so we can ensure high levels of adult to pupil ratios. Thank you for helping us to provide the best conditions for our children to be safe and happy.